Ways to have fun during Quarantine

Staying at home and quarantine has gradually become the new normal. This can be a bit hard and boring for the majority of people. However, there are some amazing and fun activities that you can do during this quarantine period. Some of these activities will only require a sidewalk or driveway and some chalk. These activities are not only for kids but grown-ups can also engage in some of the interesting and fun drawing activities. These awesome and amazing ideas will grab your kid’s attention for hours and boredom will instantly be set aside. Here are some of the sidewalk chalk activities to enjoy during Quarantine.

Ways to have fun during Quarantine

Makeshift courts

If you want to play tennis, volleyball, badminton, or any other outdoor game, and you don’t have a backyard court for one, just take your time to draw a court on your concrete driveway. It may take some time and a bit hectic to draw a court. However, you will be surprised by the smile on your kid’s face when they get to play in a brand new court, that is just on the driveway.

Pretend play

This is another interesting and fun activity for kids to do that only requires a driveway and chalk. In this activity, children can draw some props on the driveway. After making the drawings, they can then pretend to be anyone they would like to be. This includes superheroes namely Superman, Santa Claus, Batman, Ironman, and the list is endless.

2d-obstacle course

This is an amazing activity that kids can enjoy hopscotching. Instead of throwing and driving a stone on one foot by hopping from one compartment box to another, they can add some obstacles to the game. In the activity, children can perform the activity that is written on the box. Doing some of the obstacles written on the box becomes more fun and exciting.

Talk simple runs and walks on the driveway

You can choose to take a walk with your children on the driveway or sidewalk. This will be an amazing and fun activity to do with your family. It’s also an activity that helps you to attain physical and mental health. This will also enable you to enjoy the fresh air and the cool breeze just outside at the driveway.

 Alphabetic games

This is fun and also an educational activity that your children will appreciate. This activity involves drawing some letters on the sidewalk and then letting the kids do an activity that starts with a specific letter. This is fun and exciting.