Concrete is used widely in construction because of its strength and durability. Concrete is used from high
skyscrapers to decorative home projects. Concrete can be found in all places you can imagine. Any
commercial or residential building has some type of concrete surfaces like patio, floors, or driveways.
Finding the right concrete for your business or residential services is extremely important.

Reasons you should hire our concrete company


We have been operation since 1985, so we know all the do’s and don’ts of mixing concrete. We can
avoid potential mistakes that could cause costly mistakes. Because of our experience, we are more
knowledgeable and reliable when it comes to concrete works.

Proper License and Insurance

All our team of engineers is licensed with relevant authorities meaning they all undergone the required
training. This ensures you get the best concrete services for your commercial needs. All our concrete
services are insured to make sure you are compensated any damage caused by our concrete or our
employee. You can call and speak to our insurance provider to ensure that our insurance hasn’t expired
or expiring in months.


We specialize in catering for both your residential and commercial concrete needs. We also provide all
types of concrete-like driveway concrete, foundation concrete, wall concrete, and any kind of concrete
your building requires. You can visit us for any recommendation on the best concrete mix to use on your
building, especially for commercial structures that have a lot of traffic.


You can visit our offices in Las Vegas, NV and ask for free estimates. We provide a free estimate to let
our clients know how much your entire project cost. All our estimates are free to ensure you plan ahead
for all your concrete needs.

General Concrete Inc., located in Las Vegas, NV, provides ready mix concrete for all your residential and
commercial concrete construction needs. We deliver our pre-mixed concrete with perfect and quality
material, and then we mount them on transit containers that we carry to your commercial or residential
construction site. We apply a set of recipes for preparing the concrete to give your structure the highest
strength and durability. We have a set of specific concrete categories such as reinforcement, durability,
and strength that are the most important categories that are preferred by the top architectural specialists.
For any concrete services, visit us at General Concrete Inc. located in Las Vegas, NV.